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At MINERVA Research Labs our Research & Development expert team of scientists, doctors and nutritionists puts the core principle and ethos of “you are what you eat & drink” at the heart of whatever we do. More importantly, we drive an evidence-based approach to everything we develop and investigate to ensure the efficacy and relevance of our developments.

“You are what you eat and drink”

This leads us to a scientifically developed, clinically tested and carefully formulated range of products that redefines skincare and nutraceuticals to fit with modern lifestyles. We master the importance of guided supplementation without ignoring the importance of healthy dietary habits and lifestyle choices.

“Eating well” is becoming more and more a lifestyle habit, with new upcoming cutting-edge research showing which foods may help people live a healthier life, lowering the risk of diseases. Our team develops innovative and efficacious formulations based on the latest findings in nutritional and anti-ageing science. This is why we continuously work with independent research centres, universities and doctors to better understand how nutrients work in the human body, in terms of absorption rate, individual nutrient compliance and bioavailability.

This leads us to a scientifically developed, clinically tested and carefully formulated range of products that redefines skincare and nutraceuticals to fit with modern lifestyles. We master the importance of guided supplementation without ignoring the importance of healthy dietary habits and lifestyle choices.

Proof is the cornerstone of our brand and our products. We perform in-house studies with high-tech instruments and collaborate with renowned universities, gold standard testing facilities, suppliers and manufacturers to deliver clinically tested and scientifically developed products all made with three fundamental attributes: research, high quality and efficacy. It is also very important to develop formulations that can be patented to protect the ir uniqueness and give more certainty to our consumers that there is nothing like our products out there.

Pioneer of the collagen-based liquid supplement category,we are considered an international leader of excellence for our continuous and strategic investment in scientific research, technological innovation and high quality products.


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PDF Version:

“An insight into the changes in skin texture and properties following dietary intervention with a nutricosmeceutical containing a blend of collagen bioactive peptides and antioxidants”
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M. Borumand and S. Sibilla – published in Clinical Interventions in Aging – October 2014

“A study to assess the effect on wrinkles of a nutritional supplement containing high dosage of hydrolysed collagen”
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“Efficacy and safety of Gold Collagen® supplements on vascular function: a pilot double blind randomized placebo controlled clinical trial”

Minerva Research Labs Ltd is collaborating with University College London Eastman Dental Institute (University College London) and is funding a four year research programme to investigate and measure the efficacy and safety of GOLD COLLAGEN® liquid food supplements on vascular function. A pilot double blind randomised placebo controlled clinical trial is being carried out to prove the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of GOLD COLLAGEN® products, their effects on the lipid/glycemic profiles, and on the endothelial function. Collagen bioavailability, formation and degradation is being measured through collagen biomarker in the plasma to further prove that GOLD COLLAGEN® products can boost collagen production in humans.

“Regulation of elastin and collagen expression by human dermal fibroblasts exposed to collagen peptides in culture. Study of cell proliferation and antioxidant activity of the compounds present in GOLD COLLAGEN products.”

“Interactions of Muscle-Tendon Mechanics during Stair Climbing, and Efficacy of GOLD COLLAGEN Products for Functional Improvement”

“Research study on the benefits of GOLD COLLAGEN products systemic treatment on epidermal/dermal and scalp properties by reflectance confocal microscopy and digital dermatoscope.



1. “Beverage to ameliorate skin condition” Filed in 2011. European patent granted in 2015. Registered in: UK, Italy, Germany, Spain and France

2. “Food supplement for improving connective tissue health” Filed in 2012. Italian patent granted in 2015European patent application pending.

3. “Antiaging antioxidant nutritional supplement for the improvement of the integumentary system” Filed in 2014. Italian patent granted in 2016, US patent granted in 2017.European, Chinese and Japanese patent applications pending.


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