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“With Minerva Health and Lifestyle Clinic, you can learn in what ways your nutrition and lifestyle affect your body, skin, hair and nails. Discover how you can eat and drink yourself healthier and feel radiant inside and out. You can now book an appointment with our friendly nutritional team for your skin, body and wellbeing.”
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Enhance your lifestyle and nutrition
  • See whether you have food intolerances
  • Improve hormonal imbalances
  • Reduce fatigue and stress
  • Help target digestion problems
  • Learn of potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Our main tool our team uses to deliver our different services and assessments is a non-invasive device called an “E.I.S.” (Electro Interstitial Scan) or also known as a Bioenergetic electro dermal device. Our consultant will welcome you into the clinic room and attach a total of 6 electrodes to your hands, feet and forehead. It is a simple and pain free process in which you can sit comfortably and at ease as the system scans your body. Based on the treatment service you have chosen, the E.I.S. device will highlight specific imbalances that our nutritionists will work on with you to provide the right solution.


Previously, a Nutrition Assessment was only available as a research assessment treatment that MINERVA Research Labs used to develop their well-renowned products. After overwhelming interest in how it works and what it reveals, MINERVA launched a Nutritional Assessment for you.

Using the E.I.S. device, you’ll enjoy a non-invasive and relaxing session with our consultant. The E.I.S. device will highlight any imbalances in your system including vitamins, minerals, serotonin and hormone levels. The session will end with a personalised lifestyle assessment in which our nutritional team will rectify the imbalances by helping to identify what the best eating and drinking needs are for your body.

You will get your results in the same session and our nutritionist will then provide the best solution for you. The assessment is only needed to identify how you can improve your health status. We recommend one follow up analysis after the initial scan, so you have a better understanding of the progress made and if any treatment adjustments are necessary.

If you have any ongoing medical condition or an issue that needs to be surveyed for preventative reasons we’d recommend doing a check every 3 months. We offer a bespoke diet plan if it is needed and it is included in the price shown in the list below or book an appointment.

Duration and price of treatments

Services Time/ Prices Prices
Nutritional Health Assessment Initial Consult 20 minutes £50
Nutritional Health Assessment Full Evaluation with bespoke diet plans 60 minutes £100
MINERVA Research Labs Nutirjuvenate™ EIS Clinic 90 minutes £180
MINERVA Research Labs Nutirjuvenate™ EIS Clinic Follow-up 60 minutes £110
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Our Consultants

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Vidhi Patel is MINERVA Research Labs Ltd in-house nutritionist and Research and Development Consultant.

Vidhi joined the company after that founder Tony Sanguinetti invited her to bring her wealth of health, nutrition and lifestyle knowledge to MINERVA Research Labs. Vidhi greatly contributes to support and progress new product development by supervising controls nutritionals in clinical essays.

Born in the diverse land of India, she now runs the Minerva Health & Lifestyle clinic in the heart of London, Mayfair, where she has already been approached by various international media to share her know-how on Science of Clinical Nutrition as well as ancient Ayurveda techniques.